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im back: the sequel!

2013-05-18 21:59:05 by therealanimator

Im back on ng and well..i have my own reasons why i have been absent from this site most of them are personal. yada yada blah blah depressing bullshit but yeah im back..for now. will i be lurkin the bbs? fuck yes and will i be reviewing movies and games? eehhhhhh nah. Overall im glad to be back on gonna creep on wegra. see you bitches lataaaah

rise from yo grave!

2013-01-10 19:49:53 by therealanimator

im back.. man..its been ages since i have been on this site

My god!

2012-02-08 08:58:47 by therealanimator


In 21 hours the redesign will come! EVERYONE PREPARE YOURSELVES

I got a parcel.

2012-01-24 12:56:20 by therealanimator

I just got home from my gran's and i received a parcel in the mail woo! was a parcel with the circle and cross stamp. I..OH SHI..WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?!

This is my first ever project i have started in my life. It started out as something to do to keep me occupied but now i am currently turning it into a full time project and maybe an episodic flash series. Who knows but if that happens i would be looking for animators as well as voice artists. This will only happen if the first chapter of the novel gets a lot of positive feedback from the public. The first chapter will be finished in two weeks or less.

I shall keep you posted.

New year and such

2012-01-05 09:52:13 by therealanimator

Busy with a lot of stuff atm.
k thnx bai

Last night i was at a filming for a film called "good vibrations" it portrays the life of the godfather of punk terri hooley. I was an audience extra nothing special but one of the film crew grabbed me and asked for my name. I realised that i had won best costume. It gets better I won vip tix to the premiere as well as name in the credits as well as a copy of the dvd.

The great one's interviewing page aka the interviewer has been interviewing some of the graffiti crew members. Honestly the guys dromedary and esko bomb know their stuff.

new desktop

2011-08-08 13:58:02 by therealanimator

woooo! i got a new desktop and i just got it connected to the internet!!! Now im gonna try some mmos.