Entry #127

im back: the sequel!

2013-05-18 21:59:05 by therealanimator

Im back on ng and well..i have my own reasons why i have been absent from this site most of them are personal. yada yada blah blah depressing bullshit but yeah im back..for now. will i be lurkin the bbs? fuck yes and will i be reviewing movies and games? eehhhhhh nah. Overall im glad to be back on newgrounds..now..im gonna creep on wegra. see you bitches lataaaah


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2013-05-31 23:03:11

Bristol, UK?


2014-02-07 15:10:32

i disapeared from newgrounds also for the same reasons lol, depression bullshit, family and financial problems.. seems everyone goes through that shit in their early 20's.. glad ur back bro, msg me if u wanna shoot the shit!


2015-04-25 10:09:54