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This reminds me of the book house of leaves..and I love it the voice acting is superb and the animation style is beautiful. Keep up the good work.

so damn catchy!

A great song to dance to and sing along to. Great job guys

Oh Lawd!

I can't believe my bbs post has become a flash movie.. holy crap!

really good

you have captured the humor of the asdf series. You have created original characters and original jokes. I love the hal smart phone scene as well as the finger gun scene. Great job I hope we get to see more from you


p.s. Great voice acting.

Mentalholik responds:

Thanks ever so much, I appreciate that a lot :)

good first try

I was impressed with your first submission. I liked the fact you used real audio from your halo reach matches. The arguement between you and master chief was entertaining but it could have been improved. Im giving it a ten due to the fact you kept me entertained through out the movie. Try improving your drawing skills other than that great job.


a great comeback

glad to see you back madFlex. and your style has improved the voices are brilliant nice and clear and the music is great. you were a massive part of my childhood man.. keep on animating


P.S. i want more madflex games DAMMIT

MadFLeX responds:

dude, thank you. getting the halloween flash done was a nice first step back, but i've definitely got the itch to work on Shore Acres now. Thanks for the support over the years, broseph. i'll let you know when i've got something coming, i need some friends around here!

ups and downs

the collab had its ups and downs but however the animation wasnt that bad which..surprised me and the voices were good i know there wasnt a lot of animators but you managed to make something with very little to work with good job mecha

Mechabloby responds:

thanks for the review man.

Thanks for appreciating that we didn't really have many of us working on this project either. Hopefully future collaborative projects won't be like that.

I can't thank Mikuru15 and Bjorvy enough really. They just stuck by my side all the way.

very clever

i think you got your inspiration from creature comforts and i have to say you have done a great homage to the show keep up the good work and i hope to see more of your work. im giving this a ten for your orginality and your nan's weird conversation.


i love you.

he has awoken!

poozy and phobotech you are going to own the portal with this submission!

Phobotech responds:

Only time will tell...

Sorry wonchop!

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